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Redefining the prevention, intervention, and recovery process
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Devonear, Inc.’s goal is to provide dignity, respect, and quality services to adults, children, and families. We strive to offer comprehensive, systemic strengths-based mental health services to all children and families to ensure they develop a strong and healthy foundation to fulfill their potential. Moreover, Devonear, Inc. offers a multisystemic, culturally sensitive service program to all our clients.

Services We Offer:

Assessments for Adults, Children, and Adolescents

At Devonear, Inc., we prioritize the facilitation of safe and comprehensive treatment programs. To do that, we offer assessments to help you and your family make the next step to rehabilitative care. Our assessments include:

  • Mental Health Assessments
  • Substance Abuse Assessment
Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Services

We strive to provide all our clients with extensive care plans with enough resources and support to get them back on their feet. Your recovery can be a holistic experience when you partner with us.

Psychiatric Evaluations and Monthly Medication Management

Our diagnostic process is convenient and all-inclusive. With it, we also offer medication management to ensure our client’s steadfast journey to recovery.

Evidence-Based Nurturing Parenting Classes (Court Approved)

Good parenting is a skill one can achieve through the right information and enough practice. Our nurturing parenting services provide intervention for families and children who are at risk for abuse and neglect while educating adults on proper parenting.

Family Therapy

When family conflicts affect the functioning of a family unit, these can be resolved with good communication. Our family therapy ensures the practice of good communication to deepen family connections and change dysfunctional family dynamics.

Batterer Intervention Program for Domestic Violence

Physical violence may be a manifestation of mental health conditions and unresolved trauma. Our professionals have enough experience in handling these issues and similar ones, aiding abusers to develop empathy and resolve internal problems.

Sex Offenders Counseling Groups/ Individual Services

Devonear, Inc. strives to be an agent of change. This is why we have complex programs to aid recovery for sex offenders, directing their path to conversion.

Gun Violence Prevention/Intervention Services

Our community-based approach to gun violence prevention helps those who are targets of this public safety problem. Through individualized care plans, we address crisis management to reduce potential safety threats in the community.

LGBTQIA Counseling Services

We acknowledge the problems that the LGBTQIA community faces daily, and we want to extend a helping hand. We see to it that everyone under our care feels accepted and valued because of who they are and who they choose to be.

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